Residential Services

Home Theater


The dedicated Home Theater has become the upgrade of choice for many new homeowners.  This exciting entertainment option gives you the opportunity to have a unique viewing and listening experience.  Choosing the right products for your installation is crucial to your satisfaction with the job.  We can design, install and calibrate your system to insure the products chosen work to your maximum benefit.  

Media Rooms


Media Rooms are the new Living Room, just with more gadgets. Media Rooms have a moderate to large video display with an outstanding sound system.  This multi-purpose room is typically used for watching TV and movies, surfing the net,entertaining and video gaming.  Integrate distributed audio into this system and you can really make this media room worthwhile.

Distributed Audio


Do you like to entertain?  You can help set the mood for you next event with whole house distributed audio.  Using easily controlled in-wall keypads or volume controls, you can control music effortlessly throughout your home.  Integrate your iPod, music channels, CD players, or media server to give you the best selection of tunes.  Enjoy your backyard deck or pool by enveloping the area with sound. 

Outdoor Systems


Nothing can heighten your backyard oasis experience more than a sophisticated outdoor surround sound system. Enjoy a lazy day by the pool while listening to your favorite tunes through your iPod-integrated outdoor speaker system. Easily access your music library through remote control keypads. We have access to all sorts of outdoor styles of speakers. From burying a subwoofer to rock speakers, we can design a system sure to please even the most discerning critic.

Home Automation


Remote Control and Automation Now that you have this great entertainment system, how do you control it?  Well, it all depends on what you want it to do.  With a variety of remote control products available, we can tailor them to fit your needs.  The ease of use of our universal remote controls makes them our most popular control product.  But for the person who wants the works, customizable in-wall keypads that control temperature, distributed audio, lighting, security and more are the answer.

Networking and Wireless Solutions


With todays technologies, home networking and wireless systems within the home need to perform at peak performance.  Without the proper system place you can have drop out or loss of signal strength.  We can analyze your current system, make recommendations, and install the upgrades.