Commercial Division



Common areas in the office environment are excellent places to integrate audio/video. Digital signage in the reception area can help tell your companie's story by digitally introducing products and services. Background music can set the tone for the office and make your staff, clients or patients more comfortable. Video displays showing stock reports, breaking news and the client's favorite business news channels help keep everyone informed. 

  • Digital Signage or Video Wall
  • Distributed Audio System
  • Integrated Video System

Conference Rooms


The conference room is the collaboration center for the office. Having the facility outfitted to give flawless, reliable presentations improves confidence in prospective clients. The ability to communicate globally in this new economy is also important. Here are a few ways that Spectrum can bring technology into your conference room: 

  • Projection System
  • Teleconferencing
  • Lighting Control
  • Audio/Video Control Systems

Training Rooms


In a well-designed training room, the instructor can effectively present the materials, engage the students with multi-media solutions, and students can collaborate with the instructor and training materials. The space is comfortable, the instructor's voice is well-heard, and acoustical considerations have been made to enhance the listener's comfort. Items to consider bringing into your conference room are: 

  • Smartboards
  • Teleconferencing
  • Acoustical Treatments

Restaurants & Bars


Restaurant and bar owners know that keeping their customers entertained while visiting their establishment is key and the audio and video systems help enhance their experience. System design and ease of control by the restaurant's staff is a factor that Spectrum Sight & Sound takes into consideration when designing the integrated system. 

  • Zone Control
  • Audio & Video Switching
  • Event Hosting & Projection Systems